Avenger Characters That Graced The Silver screen in Avengers Assemble


Iron Man aired on the screens in 2008. At that time no one expected it would be the most unexpected blockbuster movie becoming the biggest film franchise in the box office history earning more than $17 billion in revenue returns worldwide.

Not just Carlos Dancers, but one of the top favorite characters Tony Stark as well. But which hero has won more hearts than the others? Here are the most Marvelous Avengers ever…


Chadwick Boseman, famously known as The Black Panther, passed away after battling with cancer at the age of 43. He was battling the disease for the past 4 years. Boseman has left behind a legacy that reaches much higher than anyone expected he could at Marvel, but his iconic hero portrayal will never be forgotten.

Getting on with the Top Favorite Avengers Assemble Characters:


1 . Captain America

The original and one of the most recognizable Avenger is no doubt Captain America and has saved the world in nine MCU movies. He has joined Iron Man for most of the battles.

2 . Thor

Thor is undoubtedly the strongest Avenger. And, most will always remember the battle between the brothers, meaning Thor and Loki, but the real battle to remember is the one between real brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth when the two stood for the final casting as The God of Thunder in MCU.

3. Iron Man

Iron Man is the only superhero who spawned in every MCU movie and it’s also the character that rebooted Robert Downey Jr’s career to elevating heights making him one of the biggest stars on the planet.

4. Spider-Man

This summer you’re gonna get not one but two spidy movies. Yes, if you thought Avengers: Endgame was it, think again cause Spiderman: Far From Home is coming soon. In this upcoming movie, Tom Holland reprises as Peter Parker and will go on a school trip with his friends to Europe for their holibobs.

5. Black Panther


Chadwick Boseman broke the barriers when he played the role of Black Panther as he was the first black to play as a superhero in any mainstream comic. He first appeared in The Fantastic Four 52 (if you have the Sixties classic copy, better cherish it) and since then he’s become a popular Marvel Avenger. He also was part of the X-Men and the Defenders.

6. Doctor Strange

He has the most surreal powers than any Avenger does, the reason Doctor Strange gets to enjoy the most mind-bending storylines than the others. In the comics when the Earth dies, he makes a replica planet and makes the same people with the same memories, with him being the only one who knows this fact.

7. Black Widow

The Black Widow aka the super-spy Natalia Romanoff joined Avengers in 2010 and was introduced in Iron Man 2.

8. Hulk

Originally it was Edward Norton who played Hulk in the 2008’s as The Incredible Hulk though today we know Mark Ruffalo as Hulk aka Bruce Banner, the renowned scientist. Mark took over Hulk’s role in 2012 with The Avengers.

9. Ant-Man

He might have joined MCU in 2015, but Ant-Man has been on the silver screen for a very long time in the making. Yes, the making plan goes back to the 1980’s, way before superhero movies even were a thing, Stan Lee was keen on making a movie on Ant-Man. It never became a materialistic thing because a very similar movie was already in the production pipe: Disney’s Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

10. Scarlet Witch

She’s no doubt the most powerful of all Avengers. Scarlet Witch is the most significant character since the Ultron days. After ditching her annoying brother Quicksilver and the Russian accent, she became one of the most formidable characters ever.


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