Avengers and Gladiator Cast Come Together For a True-story Drama


Aisling Franciosi (Black Narcissus) will star in the lead role of Kate Rothko and Jared Harris (Chernobyl) and Michael Stuhlbarg (Call Me By Your Name) will also be part of the upcoming movie. 

Aisling Francois

The movie is directed by Sam Taylor – Johnson (50 Shades of Grey) and the movie is adapted from Lee Selves’s book The Legacy of Mark Rothko. The screenplay is written by Lara Wood, who’s previously worked on Miami Vice. 

The official synopsis is as follows: The movie follows tbe Rothko trial and the events related to it. It’s the shocking account of how a simple powerless young woman takes on a fight against some unscrupulous powerful middle-aged men and wins in the end. 

Kate Rothko, at age 19, finds herself as an orphan who just became a mother to her younger brother Topher (age 7). Alone, inexperienced and not knowing what to do, she takes help from her father’s three closest friends for guidance — semi-successful painter Theodore Stamos — anthropology professor Morton Lewis — accountant-turned-gallery-director Bernard J. Reis. 

But after a while she finds out the three men have put on a facade and planned an elaborate scheme to sell and make money on Mark Rothko’s art. When she finds out about this conspiracy, she moves the heavens and earth to stop them from blatantly abusing her father’s trust and art work. 

Kate was bereaved but still convinced justice will prevail, and for this Kate was willing to lose anything. She takes help from assistant Attorney General Gus Harrow and begins a legal battle that would go on for more than four years exposing the underhanded greed of the genteel act world. 

Director Taylor-Johnson said Rothko is not just about a great artist, rather it’s a timeless story about justice prevailing. 

It’s also the journey of Kate Rothko who wants to protect the seminal art work of her father from the greedy men who plan to betray and steal his art; it’s a fight against powerful men after her father’s art. 


Currently there is no official release date for the movie.