American Flag Projected onto Matterhorn in Swiss Alps in Show of Coronavirus Solidarity

American Flag Projected onto Matterhorn in Swiss Alps

American Flag Projected onto Matterhorn in Swiss Alps

Matterhorn is known to be the symbol of Switzerland that as well as symbolizes strength and stability. Over the past few weeks Gerry Hofstetter, an artist that has done huge projections over landmarks in association with the Zermatt tourism board has been projecting flags to symbolize their solidarity with the rest of the world during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Zermatt tourism board shared it online showing how well they support the rest of the world during this pandemic. The artist changes the flag every week all in the hope to share the hope of better days to come. Zermatt wants to show the world that just as Matterhorn is strong so is the rest of the world and therefore can be able to endure during this pandemic. The society must stand together in strength and unity as the pandemic will soon pass.

In their site, Zermatt explains how through their Swiss village, they hope to show solidarity with everyone suffering from the pandemic and all physicians, doctors, nurses and all those working to help with this COVID-19 pandemic. This includes all the people working to update others on how COVID-19 has progressed and everyone staying home and doing their best to prevent the spread of the pandemic. They say, “Light is hope” and through the light projections, they show hope. They continue to share pictures of their flag illuminations in support of different countries around the world.

American Flag Projected onto Matterhorn in Swiss Alps

This past week, the American flag has been on show on the Swiss mountain. The Zermatt group went ahead and posted on Facebook that their thoughts are with the American people and hope they would meet them again at the foot of the iconic mountain of Matterhorn. Jacques Pitteloud, the Swiss ambassador to the United States went ahead and shared a picture of the mountain stating how magnificent it was. The United States is the most affected country by the pandemic, the Swiss village wanted to show their support through the Swiss Alps and show them that we are all in this together.

Since 24th March, the Swiss village has projected flags of Japan, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The Zermatt wrote a message to the Japanese sending them a sign of hope and strength as they go through such difficult times. The Zermatt tourism shared pictures of these flags with their slogan being, “Dream Now, Travel Later”.

They avoided crowds of people showing up at the mountain by illuminating the mountain and using many webcams to Livestream the illuminated projections for all people to see at home. The Swiss village hopes to at least show all their followers that there is hope at the end of the tunnel, this coronavirus pandemic will soon pass but for now, we have to have hope, keep the unity  and so that at the end of it all we will be able to come out  of the pandemic victorious.


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