America Slips Deep Into A Grim Pandemic Winter As Leaders Are Busy In Elections

America could be ready to see its darkest holiday season ever in modern history. And, President Donald Trump and his closest aides are busy sulking over their election defeat, and doing next to nothing to save lives. Oh yes, they did claim credit for the vaccine that says it will be the way out of this nightmare in 2020, but it’s still many months away before Americans can get to use it.

US Election 2020

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and GOP-led senate is expected to return to Washington this week, but so far have shown no signs of being able to ease the consequent economic pain of millions of unemployed Americans joining the long Great Depression style lines outside the food banks.

Though President-elect Joe Biden is quickly to move and put a diverse and experienced team around him. Matter of fact, he already had rolled in an all-female senior communications team on Sunday, and expectations are the top economic officials will be announced this week.

Though the President-elect has promised to replace the neglect Trump has done with a science-based approach towards the pandemic, it can only be implemented when he takes over as President on January 20, but by then the health crisis and economic toll are likely to rise and worsen.

Trump on the other hand spent Sunday firing delusional new claims to bolster the fact his election was stolen.  Which has only advanced his inept legal cases and further poisoned hopes for national unity when he leaves office.

By contrast the top government health experts put curtains on the Sunday talk shows, and gave warning of an alarming rise in the post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 cases. The overwhelmed hospitals and exhausted health workers pleaded with the country’s best pandemic fatigue to mitigate pain and death in the coming months.

According to a statement given by the government’s testing czar Adm. Brett Giroir on CNN’s “State of the Union ” on Sunday, said it’s a dangerous time for America.

Biden waits in the wings

Joe Biden

The development over the Thanksgiving weekend reflects a tug-of-war between the incoming President who’s geared up to tackle the staggering national crisis while the sitting commander-in-chief  retains his authority but in baseless claims over election frauds complicating the task of his successor.