Mother’s love is the best love that a person would experience in his whole life. Subsequently, the love can be termed as unconditional and not materially based. A mother of four has expressed the great love that she holds to her children after she did the greatest thing for her daughter.


Sarah Jackson had taken her four daughters to a lake in Gwinnett County-based in Georgia to take the cool breezes of the lake on 7th September on the Labor Day weekend when suddenly her daughter disappeared underwater.

The 9 years old girl was waddling on the shoe of the ocean when she suddenly slipped off and went underwater, Sarah the mother, went all beyond means to help her daughter come out of the water. Sarah decided to get into the waters to save her daughter who was drowning inside the lake.

On the contrary of what Sarah anticipated doing she, the waters levels were too high for her so she also started drowning on the lake. According to James Jackson, the brother of Sarah, the 9 years old daughter to Sarah was rescued and a CPR was performed to her successfully. On the same note, Sarah remained in the waters for a maximum of 5 minutes until she was pulled out of the lake but on a sad note, Sarah died in hospital leaving behind her four daughters.

Sarah was a teacher to children with special needs which makes her death a great loss to the people of Gwinnett County. Mr. Jackson described her sister as a true hero. Sarah died before her birthday which was in a few days which made her death even more painful. Her birthday was to be on 11th September which was 10 days from the day she died.

Sarah’s works mate also praised her as a hardworking woman in her work where they describe Sarah as a woman who always motivated and inspired her students. The school where she worked explained how Sarah’s death is so painful to them and they pronounced her as a great hero for saving her daughter in the cost of her death. Truly she is a true mother and a hero of the time may her soul rest in peace in eternal life. RIP Sarah





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