A Couple Locks up Their Twin Children Alone in the House, Leaving them to Starve To go Partying

When a couple is blessed with a newborn, they have a positive attitude of this blessing and they will always keep a close eye to their child. However, there exists a group of parents who don’t have good instincts towards their children. The type of parents who never have a good bond with their children will abandon their children every time. A clear case of a couple that was not happy to be blessed with children was spotted recently. The cruel couple left their twin children home alone for 4 days.

The twins were only 14 weeks old which is equivalent to about 4 months, despite their delicate care needs by their parents; they never received any love and care and were abandoned to suffer alone. The mother’s name is Margarita Yanayeva who is a Russian, 23-years old, and her husband partner Alexey 35 years old, the couple shamelessly lied to their friends that their babies had been admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with coronavirus.

The couple from Vilyuchinsk went to a drinking party where they camped for 4 days while their infants were still at home with nobody to look after them. In the four days, the couple had left the infants with no food to eat and they were not old enough to cook for themselves. The couple subjected the children to hunger and unhygienic which was the most dangerous condition for them.

The grandmother to the children had submissively been trying to get into contact with the parents but her efforts never bore any fruits. She however knew that the area that they lived had been locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic, which made her concerns grow much stronger for the kids.

The grandmother informed the police and they responded to her call by visiting the house of the couple where they found the two twins locked up in the house. The twins were rushed to the hospital in Russia Kamchatka region. The couple has been charged with murder and children’s negligence. Unfortunately on a sad note one of the twins, the boy, died living the girl twin alone in a graving condition in the hospital.

The couple has received a jail term of not less than 20 years. Truly they deserved the jail sentence issued to them. Let’s hope that the girl left will overcome the pain she going through. Quick recovery to her.