A Couple 77 Years Old Dies of COVID-19, 36 Hours Apart and ‘It’s a Blessing They are Still Together’

Most couples have the ardent ambition of living together in their marriages, however not many will be able to achieve this and end up breaking up. But for a couple who have aged together, they will experience their eternal life together for one they died 30 hours apart from each other which shows their marriage was much stronger and was based on more love.


Raymond and Velva Breuer’s have left behind an unforgettable love story that pre-existed between them. The couple spent most of their time together; subsequently, Raymond and Velva went to the same elementary school and graduated together in the same high school.

Their love story is full of happiness as Raymond explained how he got the attention of Velva and also to impress her, the first impression that Raymond did was tapping Velva with a hot poker which he never realized was hot and thus leaving Velva with a scar.

On their 77th birthday, Raymond sends that. “She married me to get even with me.” But despite this tragic beginning of their love story for this couple, they continue with their marital ceremony where they got married in the year 1940 in Phelps County, Missouri.

The couple was blessed with six children, 18 grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. On one of their beautiful days, Raymond was holding Velva’s hand when he sadly passed, 30 hours later Velva followed her husband in heaven. Raymond died at an age of 97 while Velva died at an age of 96.

Even if the family of the deceased jokingly said it would be best if the couple stayed together even after death, the couple was buried together in the same casket while holding hands. This idea came from one of their children since the couple always held hands while they were together.

Although the family was left in a mourning situation, they will remain in their hearts since they died together and they hope for their eternal life. The couple had lived on the earth for 8 decades it was only right and just if they could stay together even after their death. We condole with the family, and May Raymond and Velva rest in peace.