8 Years Old Boy Who Suffered Horrific Burns Names the Person Who Did It

They say you can never die without paying the crimes that you did on earth, subsequently, Karma will always follow you like a shadow during a Sunday and it will hurt and finally hunt you to death. A clear occasion of the above illustration has been observed through a boy who had suffered for 17 years seeking justice for the most inhuman thing that was done to him.

On 28th June 1998, Robbie Middleton was celebrating his 8th birthday, after his party, Robbie walked through the woods behind his home to meet a friend for a sleepover, however, he was attacked by a monster. The person who attacked the little boy tied him around next to a tree then he did the most ungracious thing to the boy.

The monster poured gasoline on him, and lit a fire on the poor boy, according to ABC news. Robbie was rushed to the nearest hospital where the doctors diagnosed him with third burns degree which was much severe that the doctors had no hope of reviving him again. At that time they told the parents to Robbie that there was a less survival rate to the boy.

Robbie endured more than 150 operations, trying to revive him back to his normal life. He also went through a series of rehabilitation after going through a series of treatments. Though he had gone through a lot of traumatization Robbie became more optimistic about his condition as time went by. Unfortunately, 10 years later Robbie was diagnosed with cancer which the doctors concluded was from his burns.

Cancer became so severe on Robbie that led him to his death bed, but before he died he named the person who brought misery to him. Don Collins was the person named by Robbie who sadly passed away. The investigators did their job and brought Don behind the bars again since earlier he had been released due to lack of enough evidence but justice was now served and Don was sentenced with a severe punishment of 40 years in jail, the court had also confirmed that Don had sexually assaulted Robbie two weeks earlier before he burned his face which led to the case for Don becoming more severe on his side. Although life can’t be bought the family of Robbie received the highest compensation of the U.S $150 billion, according to the state telegraph.

The story has touched many people in different parts of the world after the family shared it. Truly Karma exists.