The best thing to have in life is a grip on intelligence in a certain skill in life. This could have a great positive impact on your life. The basic safety skills are the best skills to have in life as they can help in mitigating any type of disaster that comes along in life. A girl from New Jersey has been crowned a young star and has been in many topics of headlines news after she did the most gracious thing to her family.

Madalyn Karlborn has been crowned as a hero; this comes after she rescued her own family from a fire disaster in their house. Ina coincidence the dad to this youngster had been serving as a firefighter for 17 years subsequently; Madalyn had learned some skills on firefighting in their schools.

Madalyn woke up at around 2 a.m. and she smelled the smoke and heard the smoke detector alarm and she knew what to do since she had the basic skills on firefighting.

Being blinded by the cloud of smoke covering their house she walked steadily trying to clear her way towards her parents’ bedroom. When she made it through to the parents’ bedroom she screamed and called out her parents’ names to wake them up to save her and the rest of the family members.

The parents managed to save all the family members in their house but unfortunately, the house was burned and the fire consumed everything that they had and they were made to start their life anew. For they were able to save their lives it is a great achievement.

What a brave and highly smart girl, she truly deserves the hero crown for the great activities she did to save her family forms the fire tragedy. This truly proved the importance of basic skills being taught to the children as they can be of use one day.


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