Almost every business has a similar story. They start their operations in a small office just with the basics and as the business flourishes, they shift to bigger offices. However, as an exception, some companies also shift from lavish infrastructural setups to smaller offices as well when they go from a declining phase and look for downsizing expenses.

What matters to them in both cases is ensuring that all the important things are done accurately while undergoing the office relocation process. Moving your entire office setup to a different place altogether seems quite like a daunting task. But with the expert guidance of a professional removalist, we can assure you that the task becomes hassle-free and systematic.

Considering the same, you must eye on certain helpful tips to make the entire process of moving your office smoother and stress-free.

Start Planning Beforehand

Office relocation is certainly not a ‘one-day’ task and it requires extensive planning while considering a series of things. Start planning the entire process early including assigning specific tasks to individuals, how to conduct the entire process and when it needs to be done. Lack of proper planning might lead you to scramble all round during the last hour while, getting confused about how to get the things sorted. Planning includes:

• Prepare an elaborative plan of the new office floor.
• Have an idea of the new location’s total area and figure out how you will be laying out all the things.
• Have an inventory count of the existing office furniture and stationery and eliminate the unwanted or old ones.
• Place new furniture and stationery orders if required.
• Decide on the security measures and access codes of the new office location and more.
• Consider the health and safety of employees as a top priority.

Setting the Budget

Having a well-planned budget is extremely important to have an estimate of how much should be your total spend. Along with considering the basic factors, you must keep a note of all the additional aspects also, which you might have overlooked during the beginning phase. Irrespective of how many times you crosscheck to ensure that all the things are being kept in mind, something is always expected to pop up at the last minute. So, you must plan your budget accordingly, which will help you to cover up those additional expenses when needed.

Hiring an Office Removalist

As mentioned above, the specialized guidance of an expert in what you should seek for your office removal process. With years of hands-on experience, an office removalist is expected to have the right knowledge, skill set, and networking contacts to guide you through the entire process. While hiring an expert, make sure you check his past working history to figure out whether he has worked on previous commercial relocation projects.

Communicating the Message

Once you have planned the entire process and hire the removalist, you should take the necessary action to delegate the message clearly to all your internal and external associates about the upcoming relocation.

• Start preparing a list of all the people with whom you need to intimate about the change of address.
• Inform all your employees about the new office address and moving date.
• Inform your present landlord (if you have a rented office setup) or property manager about the same and give them an official notice.
• Ensure that the list of all your employees, clients, and service providers are up to date.
• Make sure all your employees are aware of their responsibilities as and when required.
• Inform your IT department about the relocation and discuss what technical arrangements will be required for that day.
• Inform all your local partners, suppliers, and affiliates about the move and provide them with your contact information and new address.

Wrapping Up!

Right from the preparation stage to implementing the final move, you need to take account of a plethora of significant aspects, and missing out on any of them might lead you to face a lot of hassle and stress at the last hour. As a wiser choice, always look for a competent removalist who can smoothen the entire process and make sure that no crucial element gets overlooked. With professionalized advice, you can restore your peace of mind and stay assured that the task will be done right.


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