The coronavirus pandemic has forced working professionals around the globe to transition to remote working. However, experts believe that remote working although manageable is not a sustainable choice in the long run. There are several reasons why working professionals are genuinely fed up with this so-called comfort working style and are waiting for the offices to open up soon. In this article today, we shall look at three such prominent reasons that make remote working a scary notion for the long term.

  1. Social Distancing

One cannot ignore the obvious benefits of spending quality time with your colleagues. The much-awaited tea breaks with your office besties, annual events, birthday parties, promotion treats everything has gone for a toss with the onset of pandemic. Socialising is considered to be necessary for positive mental health. Hence, it is not surprising that a whole lot of people are feeling down and demotivated to work in the current situation.  The importance of human touch and human presence is often taken for granted by humans themselves. Loss of social interaction is definitely not recommended for a balanced mental well-being of humans and hence long term idea of work from home fails.

  1. Over Sitting

Traveling TO work or traveling FOR work is a necessary activity that is part of a normal routine of any working professional. The sudden cancellation of tourism and all traveling activities has given a major shock to thousands of working Indians especially those who are used to traveling by local trains. A shift in the routine can alter your personality as well. Sitting in one position and in one place for too long can make one irritable and also increases the risk of heart diseases. The urge to be “outside” is only natural and basic. Over sitting is not enjoyable and definitely very boring. Hence, this one problem again makes work from home a scary option for the long term to many.

  1. Constant Disturbance

Not everyone who is working from home is working alone. People living with their families have to juggle between finding a balance between work time and personal time. It’s as if the distinction between personal and professional lives is getting blurred day by day. Finding peace is impossible if there are kids around. The constant background noise or distractions makes it next to extremely difficult to work with a sane mind. If there is some work that requires lot of patience and concentration then constant disturbance can severely hamper your productivity making it next to impossible to have any kind of productive output. This I believe is one of the main reasons why people don’t wish to work from home for the long term.

Thus these and many other reasons make remote working a “not-so–likable” dream for the current working professionals. In spite of all this, there are some who believe that work from home is here to stay and the situation won’t be changing any time soon. So, gear up for a new future guys!


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