Little Johnny Finds Out Where Babies Come From

little johnny

Little Johnny was in s*x education calss and his Unexpected reply shocked the teacher. 


Today Kid’s kids know more than you may know. Apart from learning from each other, remember it’s the internet age. They can now discover things like never before. This is one such story.


It was little Johnny’s first day in s*x education class. As an assignment, the teacher told the students to go and ask their parents how babies are made.

 So, in the evening Johnny rushed home and asked his mother how babies are made. Obviously his mother was taken aback by the sudden odd question.

Blushing she says “Ah, Johnny the stork brings them of course! The stork brought all of us – me, your dad, your grandparents, your great-grandparents and generations before.”

Little Johnny simply nodded and tried to memorize everything his mother said. The next day in class, each student was to share what their parents told them. Likewise Johnny was all too eager to tell what he knew.

Finally it was his turn to speak. So he said, Well, here’s how it is: The stork brought me just like my mom and dad and grandparents and great grandparents and so on. 

Continuing in an excited voice he says ‘So that means in my family, no one has been laid on in the last 200 years!’

He continued in an excited voice, ‘So that means that nobody in my family has gotten laid on in the last 200 years!’


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