Mom Delivers Twin Girls With Matching Snow-White Hair, And Their Unusual Beauty Comes Out Years Later

Mom delivers twin girls, isn’t much of a news. And like any married couple, our couple also faced extreme joy and a bit of nervousness on knowing they are going to have a baby….and knowing you are going to have twins, doubles the stress and doubles your joy as well.

Mom Delivers Twin Girls Who Gained International Attention

Mom delivers twin girls

Jorge Gomez and his wife found out they were pregnant in 2018 and their joy doubled when they found out it’s twins. On top of this the couple never thought their two sweet girls would receive so much international attention after their birth.

The couple already had a son and were desperately waiting to make their first-born son their big brother and complete the family. 

The couple was very cautious and took every care needed during the pregnancy and overall Mrs. Gomez experienced a relatively normal pregnancy.

Rarer Than Rare Twin Girls

Finally, the twin girls entered the world at a hospital in the Tucuman Province of Argentina. Even though the girls were 36 weeks premature, the two angels were true fighters. Both Catalina and Virginia weighed healthy and were fit.

But that was not the surprise that took everyone by surprise. The twin girls had snow-white hair and looked nothing like their parents.

The Twins Were Born With Rare Disorder

The reason for this was the girls were born with Albinism, a rare genetic disorder. The skin lacks pigmentation of the skin hence, gives the skin a snow-white look. 

Mom delivers twin girls

Speaking to a local newspaper Jorge said, when they got news they are going to have twins, they were happy. And when they saw their babies were albinos, their happiness didn’t reduce 1%. Rather they said the girls were a blessing.

Amazingly, our twin babies were also the first albino twins of Argentina. 

Mom Delivers Twin Girls Who Are Precious

The twins’ rare genetic disorder came as a surprise to the family. But Jorge and his wife were more than happy with their baby girls. 

However, the twins would need special care. LIke any albino child the girls would need protection from UV rays, as their skin is very sensitive. 

A Bright Future

This year, Catalina and Virginia turn four years old, and as they are growing up, they are getting more and more beautiful every day.

In December 2021, the girls posed for some dresses for a close family friend. Since then they have been getting a lot of attention. 

Mom delivers twin girls

Hopefully, their story will let others know how beautiful albino people are. The Gomez’s also showed how every child loves equal love and caring. 


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