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Healthy Late night Snacks: Awesome Ideas For The Late Night Taste Buds

We asked you three questions in the beginning and I’m sure all of you answered ‘yes’ to all of them. Your late night hunger stops right here as we have some healthy late night snacks for you. 

Healthy late night snacks

Trust us when we say you’re not the only one who wakes up in the middle of the night feeling hungry even after you’ve had  dinner. And it’s totally normal, actually our body is working 24×7. It needs fuel. But rather than going into the kitchen and eating any leftover or some random snack, why not eat something healthy. 

Healthy late night snacks you can make on your own


For most oatmeal is a thing you eat in the morning, like breakfast. But do you know oatmeal actually has a lot of late night health benefits? For one, oats have more complex carbs that break down slowly. This helps in controlling your sugar. In return the sugar levels do not spike up and wake you up from your precious sleep.  And we all know how cozy a warm bowl of oatmeal is. Matter of fact, according to a Columbia University study, carbs and your Brian work literally had in hand. This helps release the neurotransmitter serotonin. This serotonin helps in coaxing you to go into a tranquil state. The body produces melatonin which lets you have a restful night sleep. 


Healthy late night snacks

At night you want to quell a craving, not indulge in a full-on food coma. This is where popcorn comes in to save your nights. The snack is highly addictive,  salty and light on the stomach. Making it ideal healthy late night snacks. Even a three-cup serving gives you only 100 calories. Means you can fill your hungry stomach without adding on weight before you go to bed. Oh, and remember the complex carbs we talked about. It sticks for a longer time on the ribs than a cookie or ice-cream. If you want to make them more healthy, get an air popper so you don’t have to use any oil or butter. 


Who doesn’t love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? But did you know it is healthy? Here is the fact: According to a study done by the National Sleep foundation, peanut butter is a great source of tryptophan (in simple English- an amino acid that induces sleep). The carbohydrates make this amino acid more available for the Brian. The combo of the complex carbs and protein-rich peanut butter is magic at night for a peaceful sleep on a full stomach. 


You must remember when your high school track coach would tell,  eat bananas so you can soothe or prevent a leg cramp. The reason is because they are rich in potassium which helps in relaxing the muscles. According to the Cleveland Clinic, if you combine that with peanut butter, you will get a winning healthy late night snack. Which will not only be tasty but full of healthy fats. Of course you could definitely spread some peanut butter on a ripe banana and go to bed.  But why not mix the two ingredients together and make a healthy tasty ice-cream out of it.  


Healthy late night snacks

Of course there are some who are hungry but too sleepy to do any cooking. But you definitely need a snack. Well, a handful of nuts snuggles comfily in the no-cook desire. And thanks to the high fiber protein and healthy fats, you are eating something that is healthy and yummy as well.  And if you can get organic nuts, well they are literally nutrition powerhouses. They help in regulating your blood sugar level and fight inflammation. They also lower the risk for cardiovascular disease and help in reducing your weight.


We all know eggs are healthy but did you know why? They are packed with proteins and are full of tryptophan. And as we said above, they actually can help you to sleep. 


If you want to sleep peacefully, cheese is the best alternative food. Cheese is high in calcium, known to help in getting  a better sleep. Cheese is packed with proteins and little tryptophan and melatonin. You can wear cheese with some whole-grain crackers, apple slices or bread to get an ultimate protein-carb combo. 


Cereal is another breakfast you can have in the middle of the night. As the corn-based cereal contains high-glycemic carbs, they reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep. And, milk we all know is a great source of calcium. For those who don’t know, calcium is essential for producing melatonin. Try using minimal sugar and low-fat milk to keep the calories at bay and more digestible.


Before we go, here is a recipe you can make that’s tasty and healthy. Though we are sharing it in the late night snack section, you can enjoy it anytime. 

These decadent bites are a combo of cocoa powder, heavy cream and chocolate. As the ingredients are only three, you can choose your favorite bar or even a high quality chocolate. Try not using chocolate chips as they contain stabilizers.

Ingredients to make 30 truffles 

  • 475 ml heavy cream
  • 595 gms semisweet chocolate chopped in chunks
  • 190 gms unsweetened cocoa powder or 250 gms powder sugar or both for rolling in


Take a large microwave safe bowl. Mix in the heavy cream and chocolate. Place in microwave and hear on high for 3 minutes. Let it cool for 4 minutes. Whisk the mixture till smooth and shiny. Whisk for at least four minutes. 

Next, plastic wrap it on the surface of the mixture and pop it in the refrigerator. Let it stay in for at least 4 hours to mold. 

Once the mixture is firm enough, take a tablespoon to scoop up. Roll each ball into the cocoa powder or powder sugar or combo of both. Serve cool. 

NOTE: If you have a diary product allergy or prefer not to use. You can substitute the heavy cream with 475 ml of full-fat coconut milk.