A List Of Tiny Puppies Breeds That Won’t Outgrow Their Puppy Looks  

Tiny puppies

Who doesn’t love dogs, especially cute little puppies. OK, there are some who don’t like dogs, but trust us, once you see these tiny puppies, you’ll definitely want to have one in your arms.

So, let’s take a look at our 49 cute tiny puppies

Tiny puppies of small breed dogs:

  1. Chihuahua: Who won’t smile back at a cute face like that!

2- Miniature Pinscher: Me rough, me tough, me mini! 

3- Boston Terrier: Ya: Who you looking at. 

4- Pug: So you think I can’t climb. 

5-French Bulldog: I know you want to pick me up, no problem.

6- Toy Fox Terrier: Don’t know why people keep thinking I’m a bunny?

7- Brussels Griffon: Yes, me angry.

8- Pomeranian: Don’t know why people think I’m a statute.

9- Affen Pinischer: Yes, me cute I knows!

10- Yorkshire Terrier: Why can’t you take me seriously.

11- Russian Toy: Watch my elegant walk

12- Japanese Chin: Don’t know why you can’t see my chin?

13- Chinese Crested: Any doubts I can win first place!

14- Shih Tzu: Me cutie pie, that’s my middle name

15-Cavelier King Charles Spaniel: Me royals, got any doubt.

16- Havanese: Me always happy, that’s my motto.

17- Italian Grey Hound: It’s OK, I myself don’t take myself seriously.

18-Mini Schnauzer: Why put mini in my name, don’t I look mean.

19- Norwich Terrier: OK, me going out.

20- Pekingese: Can someone find my feet please.

21- Schipperke: Sorry but you can’t get more elegant than me!

22- American Eskimo: Oh! How I love summers. Wounder why everyone thinks I like snow.

23- Bolognese: I’m not a puppy, he’s my puppy.

24- Coton De Tulear: Wounder if my looks have anything to do with my name ‘Coton’

25- Alaskan Klee Kai: Do you think my mom loved watching the sky when she had me!

26- Dachshund: So you think you can catch, try if you can.

27- German Spitz: Ain’t I photogenic or what!

28- Corgi: Oh! Yes bring my cow boots also.

29- Glen Of Imal Terrier: Can you please take me seriously for once.

30- Papillon: Could you please get me a bigger chair so I rest.

31- Lhasa Apso: I do have legs.

32- Swedish Terrier

33- Bishon Frise: Must exercise to stay fit!

34- Maltese: Hey, can you drop me few steps away. Feels like ages to go one place to another.

35- Toy Poodle: Oh, yes! Super Bowl is here!

36- Beagle: Honestly I don’t know how that leaf came in my mouth. Look how high the flower is.

37- Pomsky: Yup! That’s what you get when you mix two dogs.

38- Morkie: I can be rough, do not underestimate my size.

39- Tibetan Terrier: One’s a company, two’s a crowd, four’s a bundle of joy

40- Teddy Roosevelt: Yes, that’s my name. Got any problem.

41- Jack Russell: You think you’re the only one with name issues.

42- Skye Terrier: OK let’s make a deal, when I say run, please do for the sake I’m a terrier.

43- Dandie Dinmot Terrier: Am I long or what.

44- Norbottenspets

45- Carin Terrier: Hope I look tough.

46- American Hairless Terrier: No I’m not a Dalmatian

47- Silky Terrier: I don’t know how I got up here, could you please put me down.

48- Biewer Terrier: Hey, let’s play hide and seek. You hide, cause if I hid, you won’t find me.

49- Lowchen: No I’m not related to the Loch Ness monster.

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