Richard Gere Net Worth Success Story That Leads To $120 Million

Richard Gere Net Worth Success Story That Leads To $120 Million&

Facts we all know about the living legend is, his full name is Richard Tiffany Gere, born on August 31, 1949. Today Richard Gere net worth is at $120 million and he has more than 50 movies to his credit and many prestigious awards at home. 

Speaking about his background and parents Richard Gere said he came from a dead middle class family though he always felt he was meant to do something special. He didn’t want to live the amorphous middle-class nowhere status. About his parents supporting him, he said though they questioned what he was doing, they were supportive, loving and sweet. 

The beginning to Richard Gere net worth of $120 million

Richard Gere began his early days career as an up-and-coming talent in both on and off Broadway plays. His first professional break was in 1969 at Cape Cod’s Provincetown Playhouse and the Seattle Repertory Theatre. Gere got his first major theater role in 1973 for the original West End in London stage version of Grease. He traveled to Nepal in 1978. During his stay in Tibet, he spent most of his time with a group of Lamas, and monks. This also made a pathway for his interest in Buddhism. 


The trio was an inspirational experience for Gere, and upon his return to the states, he played the role of “Brent”, a camp gay holocaust survivor. Gere received the Theater World Award for this role in 1980. Gere is one of the first Hollywood actors to play a homosexual character. 

Soon, the talented and attractive actor caught the eye of everyone in Hollywood. 

Richard Gere and ‘American Gigolo’

The success of playing “Brent” led Richard to play the role of Julian in the movie ‘American Gigolo’. The movie became his landmark movie that established him as a major Hollywood star and a sex symbol. Up next was his lead role in the Oscar-winning movie. 

Richard Gere – The People’s Choice 

Richard Gere showcased his talent in being offered lead roles in movies that were to become iconic. Such as in 1990 when he starred opposite Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, who had a huge following. And, Pretty Woman proved to be a mega hit and even won The People’s Choice Award for Best Movie. The commercial success of the movie was so overwhelming, the fans demanded another patterning between Richard and Julia Roberts. True to the fans’ delight, in 1992 Richard and Julia came together in Runaway Bride. This commercial success earned Richard Gere 12 million dollars. 

A Leading man who became an icon of generations to come 

From here onwards, Gere built his status as one of the top leading men in Hollywood and stole the show through several hit films. Some of his iconic roles are from the movies An Officer and A Gentleman opposite Debra Winger, both in 1982. Both the movies grossed $130 million and shot Richard to superstardom. 

These movies also earned him a nomination at the Golden Globe and a Screen Actor’s Guild Award for being part of the Best Cast.

Richard Gere net worth in the millennium 

With the beginning of a new decade, he appeared in hit movies like The Mothman Prophecies, and Unfaithful, opposite Diane Lane. Both are 2002 releases. Happy news followed Gere in 2002 as he won his first Golden Globe Award for his role in the musical film adaptation Chicago. 

Gere got the opportunity to showcase his ballroom dancing skills in the 2004 drama Shall We Dance? The film grossed $170 moon worldwide. Gere’s next mega blockbuster was the 2007 semi-biographical movie I’m Not There, in which he is one of the actors who portrayed a version of Bob Dylan. Gere once again teamed up with Diane Lane for another romantic movie in 2008 titled Nights in Rodanthe. Though the film was a commercial success and grossed $84 million worldwide, it had its shares of being panned by critics. 

The Promising Future of Richard Gere 

A four-decade career, a consistent film presence, and frequent surprises for the audience with his ever young charm and new surges of craft, Richard Gere still has a lot to offer yet! Today Richard Gere net worth is about $120 million. You might not know but Richard is not just a well-rounded on screen performer, but he’s an accomplished musician as well. The beautifully played Pretty Woman piano theme and the guitar solo from Runaway Bride, both are composed and performed by Richard Gere himself. As for the dedication Richard has towards his work, can be seen from this fact- he learned tap dancing for his role in Chicago and took extensive karate classes for his roles in An Officer and a Gentleman.

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