Cheeseburger Lingerie Set to give you a sexy look

Cheeseburger Lingerie Set to sizzle up your night 

Do you want to spice things up in the bedroom, if yes then sizzle it up by slipping into the sexy cheeseburger lingerie set. This sexy lingerie set will definitely make you the tastiest burger your partner would ever get. 

Have you ever thought of mixing sex with food 

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your wife, girlfriend, or significant other could become a sexy cheeseburger? No, you don’t need a Harry Potter spell to make her into a real cheeseburger but the lingerie we are going to show you. 

Like George Costanza’s ideas of mixing sex and food and getting the best of both worlds. Estelle Peacock, a New Zealand based dressmaker has done exactly this by designing a lingerie that resembles a cheeseburger and a sexy one on that. 

Sexy cheeseburger lingerie set 

The sexy lingerie set is made of multiple layers of pieces including lettuce garter, a bun shaped bra with tomatoes and veggies sticking out. The other part of the bun is on the panties with all the other fixings. 

Unfortunately, the cheeseburger lingerie set was only a one time set that the dressmaker made for a friend, but she has plans of making more and selling them on her Ebay store. 

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