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Tiny T-Rex arms for your chicken

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Tiny T-Rex Arms for your chicken 

OK on reading for the first time you’ll probably be thinking what?? Tiny T-Rex Arms for your chicken.

Then looks like you don’t know chickens are the closest living relative of the T-Rex. You read right, the backyard chicken is the evolution of the mighty fearsome Tyrannosaurus or the T-Rex. So why not give the chicken their ancestral look by using the tiny T-Rex arms for your chicken.

For a Millennia, top scientists have been trying to find a way to give the chickens the T-Rex arms well, in a hilarious manner to give us a thing to laugh about. But, no such idea came to anyone’s mind.¬†

Created of the tiny T-rex arms

That’s until a user named Jonah on Twitter recently came up with a 3D T-Rex arms design and printed them for his chickens. The tweet went viral instantly. The arms are no doubt a nod to the chicken’s ancestors – the T-Rex, discovered by the scientists back in the mid early of 2000.¬†

As the tweet became viral, so did the desire of many people wanting to turn their chickens into T-Rex’s by using the tiny T-Rex arms for your chicken. So, Jonah posted the STL files on Thingiverse so anyone could give their chicken a look.¬†

But not everyone has a 3D printer at home so, don’t worry, that’s what this post is about, where to buy it from and what is this tiny item.¬†

Though other plastic arms like the human arms were given to chickens, which were a great laugh, the the added huge muscles were funny too, but the tiny T-Rex arms for your chicken are totally out of this world, as they give the chickens a somewhat dinosaur look, so the arms given are quite sensible if we consider the tyrannosaurus fact a truth. 

Where can you get T-Rex arm design? 

Officially the tiny T-Rex arms for your chicken  design is a file you can easily download if you have a 3D printer. The website Thingiverse has it available for free to download. The original design makes 3.14 inches wide T-Rex arms, but you can customize the size according to your chicken. 

Now your chickens can also join your cosplaying lifestyle by becoming your mini T-Rex! 

Currently the tiny T-Rex arms for your chicken are available in black only, but other colors will be available soon. 

Male your pets go Viral! 

The original T-Rex arms are a costume accessory and are only placed around the neck of the chicken. It’s harmless and doesn’t hurt your chicken in any way. It’s an item made plainly for fun posting photos of your chickens on instagram or facebook. You can use it as a costume accessory for Halloween or Christmas parties, or for cosplay, themed parties or for costume contests.¬†


The tiny T-Rex arms for your chicken  are made of Resin Plastic which is a Biodegradable PLA Plastic. At present they are available in black, but other colors will be available soon. The color in the images may vary from the original product you receive. For example: you may get either a matte black or a glossy black arm set. 

The chicken arms have a wire attached which is adjustable so you can adjust the size according to your chicken’s neck. The product is made from 3D printing. Though full care is taken in printing the exact 3D design, slight imperfections might occur, but overall the design will be similar to what you see in the photos.¬†

The tiny T-Rex arms for your chicken  are lightweight and very adorable. You can take some hilarious photos too without being noticed by your precious T-Rex ancestral friend. 

Each tiny T-Rex arms for your chickenl is printed on demand and delivered within 1-2 weeks of processing time and 2-6 shipping days. 

Other tiny T-Rex arms for you to choose from 

Clucky Balboa 

Do you own a flock of chickens or even a small clutter, then you definitely know how wonderful they are! And, you know each chicken has its own unique personality, and they provide a great source of natural fertilizer as well. 

Cluck Kent 

Like sharing pics of your chickens on social media, then how about making your pet chickens go viral! Yes, it’s possible with these unique superhero chicken tiny T-Rex arms. So, go on and let your little chicken become ‘Chick Kent’ by wearing the Cluck Kent arms and protect the world.¬†


Having power boosts confidence. We’re all familiar with this dialogue then why not with our pet chickens. Having these arms on, they’ll be the cockiest cockerels you’ve ever seen as they have their arms flapping beside them.¬†

Gejoy Two Piece Kit 

Funny arms and helmet:

The Gejoy Two Piece kit comes with arms and a helmet. The tiny T-Rex arms alternate are quite interesting and have a realistic yet adorable look to them. Watching your chicken wear them will be a delight! 

What will get in the pack:

The pack contains one pair of chicken muscle arms and a chicken helmet. You can use these to dress your chicken up for those social media pics or for a fancy chicken competition. 

Use as photo props:

Like making photo props of your lovely chickens, why not add some cool accessories in your group photos and be happy whenever you see them. 

The unique design of the combo is quite interesting and useful. The chicken arms bring a fun gesture for your chicken while the helmet will protect your chickens head from getting hurt. This little combo can bring joy for you and your chicken alike. The arms are made from durable silicone which gives them a life-like look. The helmet on the other hand is made of quality plastic, and is lightweight with removable foam filled inside. An adjustable nylon strap is attached with the helmet for a nice fit. 


Each product is made from renewable raw biodegradable material and is 3D printed and each piece is lovingly packed by hand. 

The makers of these gigs care equally about your hens and roosters, and by no means intend to harm or cause pain to your lovely pets! 

No chicken was harmed while designing the arms or helmet. The wire and strap used are soft, safe, and secure for any size chicken. 

You can buy the amazing product from Amazon.

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