Bike chair for those with limited mobility

Bike chair for those with limited mobility to travel on their own 

If you or someone you know has limited mobility, it’s not hard to imagine how hard it is to travel from one place to another. But now with the bike chair anyone with limited mobility can go wherever they want. 

A husband’s gift for his wife with limited mobility 

Bill and his wife Glad

The three-wheel bike chair is designed and built by an Australian man named Bill Forward for his wife after she developed Alzheimer’s and found it difficult to go about outside.

Expectations for the production of the bike chair 

Bill has been working hard on getting the tricycle manufactured but so far it’s available only in Australia and that too with a limited release. A later date has been scheduled for North America. Bill and his team are also working on physiotherapists and occupational therapists to find other more suitable ways for a person with limited mobility to interact with the bike chair more easily. 

How does the tricycle work? 

Basically the rear or back is like your regular bicycle, with the difference being the front. The front turns into a tricycle as a chair is attached in the front which gives it a look as if a wheelchair and a bicycle were joined together. 

The person with limited mobility can sit comfortably in the front while the driver sits on the seat like a regular bicycle and rides it using the front two wheels to steer the bike. The passenger is safe as buckles and straps are available to secure them in place while you ride the bicycle.

Video of Bill and Glad goes viral!

When Bill began to take his wife Glad on rides on his unique tricycle around the local bike paths, it was matter of time before they caught the eyes of the locals and soon someone took a short video telling the inspiring story of Bill and his wife and on how he made the bike chair so his wife with Alzheimer’s could go out in the open and enjoy riding. 

The video went viral and received 2 million plus views on YouTube in a 60 minute feature story among other media presentations. 

The future of the bike

As of writing the article, the bike chair is in the process of being manufactured and the company is looking into a Taiwanese manufacturer to build the wheelchair bicycle frame. 

If you want to stay updated with the bike chair you can follow them on facebook or you can check out their website for the latest updates.