10 Tips To Lose Weight Quickly and Easily While at Home

Are you thinking about how to lose weight quickly? Well, more than half of the world is thinking the same. Many of us have tried starving and ended being unhealthy without losing a pound. I am one of you.

Lose Weight Quickly

After having my baby losing weight was a humongous task. But, here, I am from 154 lbs to 110 lbs, healthy, happy, and full of life to chase my toddler.

Today I shall share my weight loss secrets with you. Read on to know how to lose weight quickly.

Change your idols

First of all, stop drooling at Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Aniston, or any other celeb as your inspiration for a fit body. They have a job that requires them to stay slim, even if that includes being on an unhealthy diet or injecting drugs to paralyze the wrinkly muscles. You want to be healthy without killing the metabolism of your body.

Analyze yourself

Target on losing weight after testing for your BMI. BMI or body mass index is the scale that helps to understand if you are in a normal weight range, underweight, or obese. Your BMI in the range of 18.5 to 24.9 indicates that you are in a normal range. 

In case it is 25 to 29.9, you are termed overweight, and anything above that is considered obese. Now that you know how many pounds must be reduced to have a normal BMI, start with your weight loss journey.

Set achievable targets

You must be enthusiastic about losing all the unwanted weight within a week. But that will make you weak, and doing daily chores may also seem burdensome. Losing anywhere between 1 to 2 pounds a week is a healthy way to lose weight, and the benefits remain for the long term. Set targets and work towards them steadily.

Drinks loads of water

When the body is at a loss of water, it starts retaining the remaining fluid, leading to weight gain. Remember the golden rule of ‘8×8’ to lose weight. Drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day to boost metabolism and act as an appetite suppressant. 

Not only do you lose weight, but you will also regain a glow on the face. Your friends will be guessing about the costly serum. Let’s keep them guessing while spending nothing on the miraculous liquid.

Dump the sugar

Processed sugar is nothing but a huge roadblock in your journey to lose weight. It is high on empty calories that give you nothing but high numbers on the weight scale. 

Diabetes and hormones going mad is another side effect of having sugar. People also tend to feel hungry more even after consuming good with high sugar.

Fill Your Plate Consciously

Eating healthy is the most vital step towards losing weight. There is a rule to have healthy food, and following it can make you lose weight and never regain it. 

Fill half of your plates with green vegetables. No, potatoes do not qualify to be a veggie. Fill the plate with broccoli, capsicum, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, and other low carb vegetables. 

Next, grab proteins and fill one-fourth of your plate with the yummy meat and fish. The rest can be your carbs.

Snack to lose weight

There are so many healthy snacks that are filling and will not add to your body weight. Cashews, pistachios, almonds are all superfoods that fill you with fiber, healthy fat, and protein. Having them in moderation can help you lose weight. 

You can also try yummy recipes with yogurt, oats, bananas, apple, peanut butter, flax seeds, etc. to munch rather than grabbing the huge chocolate block.

Sleep tight

Lack of sleep can affect your health adversely. It causes a lot of issues, and weight gain is one among them. It creates changes in your appetite, and the brain craves for junk food. Recent research concluded, sleeping for only 5 hours daily, in a week can increase almost 2 pounds of weight. Ensure that you have had adequate sleep to allow the brain to choose food reasonably.

Visit the nearby park

Sunrises are beautiful. Take out those track pants and cycle towards the nearest park. Start with a half an hour session that you can increase gradually. In the park, you will make new friends, and that will become the unmissable ‘me time’ of the day that will help to lose weight and keep the spirits high. 

Enroll for a Membership at the Gym

Visit the gym to strengthen your body. Concentrate on your core and aim at lifting weights. You can do a session three times a week for a strong core. The gym trainer can guide you through the exercises.


There are a zillion ideas to lose weight fast. Many claim to help lose weight within a week or month, but not everyone tells you how the imbalance can destroy your metabolism. Walkthrough the weight loss journey and stay healthy for your entire life.

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