Do Face Masks Really Help in Preventing Coronavirus?

coronavirus face mask
Face Masks

In the wake of noxious outspread diseases known as coronavirus, everyone is anxious about how to prevent this disease from catching.  The main question arrives in every mind is, “Do face masks really help prevent coronavirus?” Well, in this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of face masks and their ability to prevent this widespread virus.

coronavirus face mask

Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) is an infectious disease, which was first identified in Wuhan, China in the month of December 2019. And in just some days, this virus started spreading to the entire world. It is assumed that this disease came from a bat. Unlike, another kind of fever and illness, Covid-19 is more dangerous. The virus causes severe illness in humans. And the worst part is that it takes approximately 14 days in diagnosis. The virus causes respiratory infection initiating from common cold to severe respiratory syndrome. And differentiating this disease from a viral, common cold, swine flu or even pneumonia is very difficult. The scientist at worldwide are preparing vaccines to curb the spread of this disease. Covid-19 has brought the safety of all the countries at the SOS level. WHO has also declared Covid-19 has an epidemic and requests worldwide to take serious steps to control the situation.

Over a hundred thousand cases of coronavirus have been recorded as of the end of Feb-2020 with over 4500 death toll. On account of this, the internet is boomed with everyone asking how to prevent the virus and is face mask really reliable? So, here we are for suggestions and sharing what experts have to say.


coronavirus face mask

Wearing a face mask does not mean you are not prone to virus. According to the World Health Organisation, coronavirus spreads from person to person when they exhale or sneeze. When an infected person exhales, coughs or sneezes; the virus in the form of small droplets is ejected from nose or mouth. These virus droplets land on an object or person and when a healthy person touches that infectious surface and afterward touches his eyes, nose, or mouth then he is vulnerable to catch the virus. Therefore, it is recommended for an infected person to wear a mask.

In other words, it can be said that this virus is not spreading directly but when a healthy person touches an infectious object or person and then touches his eyes or any body part. Thus, in order to avoid getting in contact with this disease, it is important to wash your hands for at least 20 sec after touching any public object or person. Also, an alcohol-based sanitizer can also be used to save you from coronavirus.


Since the outbreak of this epidemic Coronavirus, the demand for face mask has consecutively increased. Presently there is no particular medicine or vaccine that can help in controlling the spread of coronavirus. The disease is commonly spotted in elderly people or people with low immunity. But the mask is not the full proof way of preventing the disease.

The US SURGEON GENERAL JEROME ADAMS has also requested people via his twitter page TO STOP BUYING FACE MASK. The mask is primarily important for people who are suffering from Coronavirus or its symptoms. The increased demand has resulted in a vast shortage and thus, the healthcare providers are unable to get it for sick patients.

coronavirus face mask

An infection disease expert from Vanderbilt, Dr. William Schaffner, has discussed coronavirus in his interview with FOX 17 news. According to the expert, wearing an ordinary surgical mask to prevent this outbreak infection from Wuhan, china is not much helpful. Even if you are wearing the mask, you are still prone to this disease. The only way of ensuring yourself safe is by washing or sanitizing your hands and surroundings are every interval of time.

Following are the people for whom the mask is really very important-

  1. Sick people– Even if you notice even a small symptom of this infectious virus, you must wear the proper masks for ensuring proper safety of yourself and surrounding.
  2. Taking care– The people taking care of infectious people should definitely wear the face mask for their complete safety. They must wear and take off the mask with clean and sanitized hands.


With the outbreak of coronavirus, the demand for face mask has intensively increased making it short for supply and expensive. In the present time, the mask is sold at a double rate. Also, the people needing it the most are unable to get it because of a shortage in supply.

Coronavirus is a new type of virus which was unknown to the scientist. And because of that, there is severe uncertainty in the entire world. Also, the virus of Covid-19 is not like swine flu or viral. Therefore, wearing a mask does not completely guarantee safety from this disease.

coronavirus face mask

Various reports and evidence also claim that normal or regular surgical will not steer clear the virus. A more specialized mask n95 respirator is the best mask for protection from coronavirus. It is thicker than a regular mask and beneficial as per the situation.


Before opting face mask as only alternative to avoid this dangerous virus, it is important to consider various other points as well in this regard like-

  1. Proper disposal

    The primary issue faced with face mask is its disposal issue. An infectious mask if not properly disposed of can also become a center of communicating this deadly virus. Therefore, before opting it to wear, it is important to ensure its proper disposal.
  2. Ways of taking it out

    The virus of Covid-19 can spread from hands as well. And therefore if it is removed with infectious hands then the person wearing it is prone to this deadly disease. In order to remove the face mask, the user should first wash or sanitize its hands properly to ensure none spreading of disease.
  3. Wearing it properly

     If the mask is worn improperly or it gets wet or somebody sneezes on the mask then you are prone to catching this virus.

coronavirus face mask


Coronavirus is a global pandemic that came into light in December 2019. Till this time almost all the parts of Wuhan, china was under its coverage. And from January 2020, almost all the countries worldwide started witnessing this deadly virus in their country. Covid-19 bought all the countries to the alarming stage with no proper medicine for curbing and controlling the spread of disease. Amidst of situation, a myth started trending that suggest wearing mask may help in preventing the disease. As a result, the demand for the mask increased. Via this article, we tried clearing myth and discrepancies as to wearing or not wearing the mask.

The mask is best and useful only for those who are or witnessing any symptom of this disease. The best way of ensuring healthy and safe surroundings is by wash and sanitizing your hands and surroundings.

Any person who is taking care of an infectious person should also wear the mask to ensure that the virus is not able to transfer to your body. But proper ways of disposal of the face mask should also be taken care of.

It should be ensured that when wearing or removing the mask, hands should be properly washed and sanitized with an alcohol-based sanitizer. The mask should be properly placed from nose to mouth without any gap.

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