20-year-old Man Dies Saving Great-great-grandmother From Knife Attack

A 20-year-old man dies saving great-great-grandmother. She got punched and stabbed as well on the way to buy takeaway food.

A shocking report came to our view. It’s of an 82-year-old woman named Betty Walsh. She’s from Brentford, London, UK. At first, she didn’t even know she got stabbed by a knife, until someone came forward for help.

The person who intervened to help was a 20-year-old man named Ali Abucar Ali. He came to help Betty, unfortunately he did not survive.

Betty underwent a kidney operation at the St. Mary’s Hospital. According to the Daily Mirror she’s out of the “critical” list.

Betty has lived alone for 30 years after her husband passed away. She has three sons, three daughters, 10 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and a great-great-granddaughter.

Betty’s daughter says Ali is a hero

Betty’s daughter Bridget has given some updates on her mother’s condition and also hails Ali as a hero.

She said her mother has lived in Brentford for 60 years and everyone knew her. She is a lovely person who loves to walk daily and is a strong woman.

Her mother often goes out shopping and is not a frail person. Rather, she’s a football-mad and Brentford FC-mad fan.

Bridget said after her father passed away, her mom raised the kids all by herself. She was the rock of the family. She worked in four pubs and worked very hard to raise the kids.

This will definitely shake her a lot.

She didn’t realize she was stabbed, let alone punched. Till he came to help her.

Ali, who gave his life to save a stranger

She said Ali went over and asked what’s the commotion about? He tried to save Betty by challenging the attacker. Sadly what happened next, is a tragedy.

Ali sacrificed his life saving Betty.

20-year-old man dies saving a stranger: a selfless deed the community will not forget

A local resident Laura Williams said she didn’t know Ali. But from what she heard, if he hadn’t stepped up to help Betty, she would have not survived. He stepped in a difficult situation and did a selfless act paying with his life.

She also said there are no words to describe the feeling and she can’t imagine what his family is going through.

A GoFundMe is set for the family

Laura said a GoFundMe is set up for the family. And, every penny raised will be helpful for his family. Plus she hopes this will set a lasting legacy for him as well.

His parents have raised a good person. He put his life on the line to rescue a total stranger.

She also said the Brentford community has lost a very kindhearted person. A 100% hero.

The GoFundMe page has organized £100,000 ($134,000) for Ali’s family and hope to raise more for the family.

Today Betty is on way to a full recovery. The attacker on the other side is in jail. He’s charged for suspicion of murder and attempted murder.


Though the courage and sacrifice of Ali cannot be put in words, he’s a true hero. Please share the story and pray for the family to get over the loss.


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