20-year-old Bullied For Facial Looks, Took To Social Media, Got Folks To Rally Around Her

The social media world is cruel as it gives a chance for anyone to comment badly about you but a 20-year-old bullied for facial looks became the lucky one who found a positive experience using social media. It not only boosted her morale but showed her, there are some who loved her.

20-year-old bullied for facial looks, changes hate comments to love

Often it’s the cowards sitting behind computers with a lack of humanity, feelings, pride, and sense of life and let live. They do not realize the detrimental effect their comment can have on the victim.

Inma Franco decided to target the thousand hurtful comments she heard all her life because of her looks to positive words.

Inma decided to face them head-on

Inma got fed up with hiding and trying to protect herself. She decided to use social media to increase her presence and become an inspiration to other young people who face the same problem. Those who are not accepted by their peers.

A question she often got asked

Inma had a social media page and had flowers who’d often ask her the same question: why is her face like this?

Inma has Saethre-Chotzen syndrome. It causes a premature fusing of the skull. This affected the shape of the head and face.

It’s time to change the perspective

Inma got fed up with the same question. She had enough of it and felt it’s time to address them and ask them who gave them the right to judge her or foul mouth her. Her post went viral.

She also joined TikTok as she got fed up with the hurtful comments she received on her other social accounts. TikTok had also gained a lot of viewers over the lowdown period. But hateful comments didn’t leave her back there either.

Can only perfect people use social media?

Inma questioned the commentators, she asked them if they think only perfect people can post pictures or videos of themselves?

She said in tears, you don’t know what’s happening down the street, but you can laugh at her face.

She also said, the comments might be words but when a bullied person like her reads them, it breaks you. Inma said she recorded many videos for YouTube but never uploaded them, due to insecurity.

Even though her channel has 25,000 followers.

Inma said the most important thing is to be happy and love yourself. And, before you comment, think before you write as what you write affects the person who reads them. Not only mentally but physically as well. You break a person’s hope to live.

Her post went viral on TikTok with approx 1 million views and she received tons of comments in support.

Spanish celebrity Brays Efe commented telling Inma not to let others affect her. They are defects and have some defective problems of their own.

He told Spain’s ABC News, beauty is an option and what you think about it. Her scars are her medals, she won and how he admires her.

Fellow actor Victor Clavijo said Inma has shown she’s strong, brave, sensitive and intelligent.

Inma made some valuable points in her post. She questioned whether only looks count to come on social media. It’s a great thing her video went viral.

Please share to spread the word: looks don’t matter, it’s who you are that matters.


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