11 Plants That Are Toxic For Your Dogs, Get Rid Of Them Now!

Several plants can be toxic for your dog. Your dog may want to sniff that plant, but it can be dangerous for him. Some of these plants are so commonly found in our neighborhood areas or a nearby park. Therefore, you must have an idea about toxic plants for dogs so that you can keep them away.

There are so many toxic plants, and learning about all of them will be difficult. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some poisonous plants for dogs that are commonly found. Some of these plants can cause diarrhea, while others can be the reason for liver damage. Therefore, please read the article thoroughly to learn about them.

Common Plants That Are Toxic For Dogs

A list of the most common poisonous plants for dogs has been compiled for you. We have also collected some information about these plants so you can read it. Let’s have a look on the list

1. Sago Palm Plant

This plant can be found both indoor and outdoor. It usually looks like a palm tree because of its stiff fronds. This plant is so toxic for your dog that it can cause severe liver failure or even death.

Its symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, seizure, problems of the liver, etc. Moreover, this whole plant is toxic, including its bark and leaves. But the most poisonous part is its nuts or seeds as it contains a large number of toxins.

2. Tomato Plant

Tomato plants are very commonly found in our garden, and almost everyone loves fresh garden tomatoes. But mind it that this plant is not safe for your dog at all. If your dog bites it accidentally, he can suffer from different problems.

It can cause drowsiness, gastrointestinal problems, slow heart rate, dilated pupils, and weakness. Therefore, if you have a tomato plant at home, keep your dog away from it.

3. Lilies

There are different types of lilies, including tiger lily, peace lily, calla lily, etc. All these types are toxic for cats and prove fatal. However, some of these are toxic to dogs. For this reason, it better to avoid growing any plant from the lily family in your garden.

Also, be careful about gifted flowers at your home. Keep them away from your dog. Lilies can cause diarrhea, vomiting, kidney damage, ad kidney failure. There can be multiple organ failure as well, and your dog will also feel difficulty in swallowing. There will be stomach pain, and it will suffer from depression.

4. Philodendrons

You can recognize these plants by its heart-shaped leaves. It has long vines and is commonly found in most of the houses. They may look beautiful to you, but they are not suitable for your dog. This plant can irritate your dog’s lips and mouth. It is due to crystals of calcium oxalate that are insoluble and present in it.

You will notice your dog pawing at his mouth if he has swallowed leaves of this plant. You may see your dog retching or drooling. Therefore, please keep your dog away from it.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most common plants we can find in our house. It is widely used in lots of skin treatments; therefore, people usually grow it at home. Some people even love to drink their juice and rub it on the skin.

However, Aloe Vera will do no good for your dog, and your dog should avoid it. Saponins present in this plant can cause lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, or tremors in your dog. This plant can also be the reason for depression of the central nervous system.

6. Asparagus Fern

There are two other names or asparagus ferns, such as lace fern and emerald feather. It has a toxicity level from mild to moderate. If your dog has swallowed it, you can notice different symptoms. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, drooling, allergic dermatitis, and abdominal pain.

7. Dieffenbachia

Dumb cane is another name used for this plant. This is an indoor plant and has lush green leaves that give a beautiful look to your house. There are stripes or white spots on their leaves. Although they look gorgeous, you should keep it away from your dog.

If your dog bites on the leaves, it will feel like his tongue, lips, or mouth burn. It is due to crystals of calcium oxalate. Your dog will vomit a lot, may feel difficulty in breathing, and may drool as well.

8. Amaryllis

This is another toxic plant for dogs. It is like a flowering bulb and gives a beautiful look to your garden. Therefore it’s the choice of most of the people. However, these are not good for your dog at all. You should especially be aware of its harmful effects if you are planning to have it indoor.

9. Lantana

In Australia, it is considered a weed. It is very colorful and may seem very pleasant to your eyes. But it can be extremely toxic for your dog and cat. So for the safety of your pet, keep this plant out of its reach.

It can cause depression, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, and loss of appetite in your dog. You may also notice abdominal swelling, shock, liver failure, or paralysis in your dog.

10. Hostas

Hosta plants, which are commonly named as Hostas, are poisonous for your dog. It contains a chemical substance called Saponin. If your dog ingests hostas, it may be vulnerable to diarrhea and vomiting and other intestinal tract problems.

So, if you’ve hostas at your home, make sure to avoid growing this type of plant, as it can harm your beloved canine fellow.

11. Autumn Crocus

There is another name for this plant, “naked ladies.” It is because when they come out of the ground, there are no leaves with flowers. The flowers usually bloom in the fall season. Whereas you will see bulbs and leaves appearing in the spring season, and till that time, the flower has died.

Any part of this plant is toxic for your dog. If your dog eats it, you will immediately notice diarrhea and vomiting in your dog. Colchicine is the toxin that is present in this plant and can leave long-lasting effects on your dog. It will cause liver failure and will suppress the bone marrow of your dog.


Plants look very beautiful and give a pleasant look to the eyes. Everyone wants to plants some at home, especially those that provide a colorful and lush green look. However, if you have a dog at home, you should be careful while planting them. There are some toxic plants for dogs that you should avoid if you have a dog.

Brief information about some of the common and poisonous plants has been described. These plants are harmful to dogs. They will leave harmful effects on your dog if he eats it. Some of these plants are so toxic that they can even be the reason for your dog’s death. Therefore, you should be aware of these plants.

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